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Environmental and health concerns

Within a short distance of the Khaidarkan facilities mercury contamination has been a problem for 70 years and continues to be a challenge in some instances. High mercury concentrations are found in slag, sludge and tailings from the mine. These may signifiantly impact the town, surrounding farmland, and natural waterways, all of which show elevated mercury concentrations, often exceeding Kyrgyzstanís national standards. Environmental protection is very limited, and monitoring and reporting are inadequate. Due to waste deposits and contaminated agricultural soils, pollution will continue   even when production stops. Limited studies suggest human health may have suffered in the past, with some workers still facing higher health risks today and childrenís neurological systems suffering damage. But mercuryís global dispersal means that concern over contamination in Khaidarkan is much more widely spread. Rivers which flow from Kyrgyzstan to both
its neighbours, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and the importance to all of them of the fertile Ferghana Valley, mean Khaidarkanís shadow probably falls on them as well.
Khaidarkan town





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